Friend, welcome.

In support of marriage equality in Australia, we rallied the troops to create something beautiful.
Let Us Say I Do is a song written by Amy Firth with the talents of Annalie Wilson, made possible by the generous contributions of so many across the globe.

Behind The Scenes:

As a proud Aussie sheila based in London, I've felt removed from the front lines of LGBT solidarity marches, rallies and campaigning carried out by the courageous hearted ones right across Australia.

So often we want to do something and support an important cause but don't know how or where to contribute.

This little venture is an opportunity for us all huddle together & create an offering of solidarity.

Download the Song

You are welcome to stream or download the track free of charge - however, if you wish to pay it forward - we encourage donations to the Australian Equality Campaign.

About Us


amy firth

Amy is an Australian Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counsellor & singer/songwriter based in London. Ordained with the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in 2016, she is of service to people of all faiths and none, creating words, music & bespoke, sacred ceremony. 

Passionate about the Arts & its ability to connect us, her most recent album Watchmaker’s Daughter explores the universal themes of time, hope & love. She elaborated on this topic at London's TEDx conference, encouraging people to use timepieces as a gentle reminder to embrace small moments with gratitude. 

Amy is also deeply curious about compassion in action & spiritual leadership and is a fellow of St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace & Reconciliation, having completed their Sacred Activist leadership programme in 2017.


annalie wilson

Annalie is a British singer, songwriter and producer based in London. Her music is bold, fresh and unapologetically human. Drawing strains of her Celtic roots together with early influences of jazz, blues and folk-rock Annalie sings from the heart with intensity and vulnerability, laced with her characteristic humour.

In 2014 Annalie won the Rock The House competition as Best Solo Artist and performed at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. She also played at the Mayor's Thames Festival and has toured in Poland, Norway and the US.

Annalie’s single “Skin” from the Water Snakes EP (2014) was premiered on BBC Radio London. Her third full album, The Cold Blows, (2016) recorded live with piano, voice and drums, is an intimate journal of love, loss and international risk.



Filmed and edited by the endlessly kind & patient Stephen Noble | Self Shooting Director |



Recorded at the beautiful Resident Studios | Willesden Green, London |
With deep thanks to Sam, Caradog & Ian.


I love a sunburnt country
A home among the gumtrees
A Waltzing Matilda
A land girt by sea

And I love my mother
Home of the free
And I love the woman who's loving me

So I ask you, Australia
Won't you please understand
We belong to the land
And we're not getting out alive

Who believes in love?
Who believes in love?
If you believe in love, let us say I do

I'll bow in your temple
I'll kneel in your church
Whatever you worship
On your sacred search

We belong to each other
This life lottery
There's no separation between what you're loving and what's loving me

- Chorus - 

I love a sunburnt country
A home among the gumtrees
A Waltzing Matilda
And equality.


What's the deal, Australia?

We're mindful this whole situation may be news to many outside of Australia, so here's three fun facts to get you up to speed:

fun fact 1

Anyone who is not Australian will more than likely be surprised to learn that we do not have Marriage Equality in Australia. I know, I know - Kylie Minogue, Mardi Gras & Priscilla and all that, - it's shocking, right?
Despite all our queer fabulousness, Australia's Marriage Act states that "marriage is strictly between a man and a woman" preventing same-sex couples the right to marry.
*eye roll*

fun fact 2

This September, Australia has spent $122 million on a non-compulsory, non-legally binding postal survey asking Australians:
Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry? This survey - (note it's not a vote, but a survey) - has been a cause of deep hurt, frustration and shame for many Australians who deeply believe in the simple right for all consenting adults to unite in love and be fully recognised, protected and celebrated by Australia's marriage act.

fun fact 3

To combat the negative, hurtful and hateful rhetoric being flung around as a result of this survey, and despite the very notion of this survey being deeply offensive and ridiculous - we work with what we've got and embody what we value: kindness, courage & unity.
We wrote a marriage equality anthem for us all to sing from the mountain tops. This song is an offering of support, beauty & kindness, and heckfire, we all know our world needs that shiz by the bucketload.  

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