What's the deal, Australia?

We're mindful this whole situation may be news to many outside of Australia, so here's three fun facts to get you up to speed:

fun fact 1

Anyone who is not Australian will more than likely be surprised to learn that we do not have Marriage Equality in Australia. I know, I know - Kylie Minogue, Mardi Gras & Priscilla and all that, - it's shocking, right?
Despite all our queer fabulousness, Australia's Marriage Act states that "marriage is strictly between a man and a woman" preventing same-sex couples the right to marry.
*eye roll*

fun fact 2

This September, Australia has spent $122 million on a non-compulsory, non-legally binding postal survey asking Australians:
Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry? This survey - (note it's not a vote, but a survey) - has been a cause of deep hurt, frustration and shame for many Australians who deeply believe in the simple right for all consenting adults to unite in love and be fully recognised, protected and celebrated by Australia's marriage act.

fun fact 3

To combat the negative, hurtful and hateful rhetoric being flung around as a result of this survey, and despite the very notion of this survey being deeply offensive and ridiculous - we work with what we've got and embody what we value: kindness, courage & unity.
We wrote a marriage equality anthem for us all to sing from the mountain tops. This song is an offering of support, beauty & kindness, and heckfire, we all know our world needs that shiz by the bucketload.  

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